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   Planned Giving

Why include The Disabled American Veterans in your overall financial and estate planning? Because strategic charitable investments can provide you with important tax benefits now and in the future. Charitable gift planning also gives you the satisfaction of supporting world-class care, education and research programs at The Disabled American Veterans, Ashland Ohio Chapter 81.

Gift planning options include:

Gifts of Assets

Gifts to the Disabled American Veterans do not have to be cash gifts. Creative gifts of assets such as stocks, bonds, and property (real estate and personal property such as artwork) not only provide charitable deductions, but often offer additional tax savings to donors. 

Life-Income Gifts

Life-income gifts are charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and the pooled income fund. These provide an ever-growing number of The Disabled American Veterans donors with an income stream, significant tax savings and the satisfaction of supplying the Disabled American Veterans with vital long-term philanthropic resources. 

Charitable Lead Trusts

Donors often incorporate charitable lead trusts into long-term plans to transfer wealth to children or grandchildren. A charitable lead trust to benefit The Disabled American Veterans provides important current support to the Disabled American Veterans and also helps donors greatly reduce their estate and gift taxes when wealth is passed on to heirs. 

Charitable Bequests

Donors who include The Disabled American Veterans in their wills and other estate plans know that their generosity will support the healing mission of the Clinic for years to come. 

 An increasing number of The Disabled American Veterans friends and veterans have found gift planning to be an effective and satisfying way to achieve their philanthropic goals while significantly reducing their tax burden.

We can provide you and/or your professional advisor with detailed information on the gift planning options that can most effectively meet your financial needs.

For a confidential discussion without obligation, call Lorraine Hewitt at  419.281.2613 and we will help you.


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